Immune System Booster

The immune system is the last part of your body that you’d want to neglect during a pandemic. But it is important to note that immune systems are like computers—they are incredibly smart and can do wonders, though not without the help of humans. Taking vitamins is essential to help it do its job better. And we know just what you need.

Vitamin C is one of the most common vitamins taken to boost immune systems. Nevertheless, it is truly effective. It is an antioxidant which means that it protects your cells against free radicals (a factor in heart diseases, cancer, etc.) and allows for healthier ageing. Although it can’t prevent colds, it can shorten cold duration by 14% in children and 8% in adults. 

The recommended dosage for Vitamin C is once a day. 

Zinc’s role in the immune system is closely similar to Vitamin C. It is also an antioxidant so it offers the same perks. Zinc is responsible for the catalytic activity of 100+ enzymes. These enzymes are then responsible for genetic material synthesis, cell integration maintenance, and most importantly, the adequate functioning of the immune system. Popular uses for it are for treating infections, skin irritations, acne, ulcers, anemia, ADHD, etc. It is also known to reduce cold duration and upper respiratory infections in children.

Like Vitamin C, it is also taken daily.

Vitamin D is known for its role in bone health, but it also regulates immune system proteins. These anti-microbial proteins have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. It is similar to Zinc in the sense that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased susceptibility to respiratory infections such as Tuberculosis, Influenza, Bacterial Vaginosis, etc. 

It is recommended to take Vitamin D either daily or weekly. 

For specific dosages, please do your own research according to your age, sex, etc.

Taking care of your immune system not only directly combats COVID-19, but also the development of comorbidities that may eventually lead to an easier contraction of it.

At JN Carlo Pharmaceuticals, we have several products that cater to this exact purpose. Some of our available products include CETRASOL (Sodium Ascorbate) which aids in the prevention of Vitamin C deficiency, PER C PLUS D (Ascorbic Acid [as Sodium Ascorbate] + Cholecalciferol [Vitamin D3] + Zinc) which aids in the prevention of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc deficiency (making it the most recommendable for COVID-19 prevention), PER C PLUS (as Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc Capsule) which aids in the prevention of both Vitamin C and Zinc deficiency, PER C (Ascorbic Acid) which aids in the prevention of Vitamin C deficiency, XTRACEE PLUS (Sodium Ascorbate plus Zinc Capsule) which serves the same purpose as PER C PLUS, and many more.

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